Monday, June 15, 2015


Greetings from Norway! :)

Finally, a postcard from Norway! :D Thank you dear Ilse for this lovely postcard. Although it is multi-view but I still like it because it was sent all the way from Norway to add a new label in my collection. :D Such a lovely view, especially all the greenery<3



Greetings from France! :)

Thank you dear Julie for sending this lovely postcard of your hometown, Strasbourg<3 I wish you wrote more about the sceneries showing in the postcard. It is really lovely to see all the buildings and just wonder how old they are. :)



Greetings from Canada! :)

Thank you dear Robyn for the gorgeous scenery of the marina<3 Apparently, this is the marina of Stanley park and you can see the beautiful Vancouver downtown in the early morning sunrise. I love it! :D


Hong Kong

Greetings from Hong Kong! :)

Another beautiful scenery shown in a postcard sent all the way from Hong Kong! :) Thank you dear Joyce<3 Apparently this is the Hong Kong harbor from the lions viewpoint pavilion on the peak. How wonderful! I like how it shows everything in the city all the way up to the green hills. Thanks again dear<3