Saturday, December 27, 2014


Greetings from Malaysia! :)

I've received another fascinating view of Malaysia. I love how there is combination between greenery and buildings! :) Thank you Atikah<3! I wish there war any information about the city or the buildings shown in this postcard~! But according to the internet, this is Kuala Lumpur Tower where they have annual race where the participants race to climb all the way up! Interesting! :D I cannot imagine doing that!


Friday, December 26, 2014


Greetings from Russia! :)

Received this super beautiful postcard in May from the lovely Sonya! :D I really thought it's a real photo until I saw the flowers. I don't normally collect arts and paintings postcards, and I ALWAYS like photography, but this one is just sooo beautiful! I think I like pretty buildings like this one. :) According to Sonya, this is called the puppet show theater located in her city, Lipetsk. There are also lots of beautiful nature and places to visit around the city. Thank you for the information Sonya and I hope I get the chance to go there one day! :)

Stamps! Check out the top one. Amazing building! :D


Greetings from Germany! :)

I have received this lovely postcard back in September! :D Apparently, this is called the Wartburg Castle which is located in a town called Eisenach, in the state Thuringia, Germany. I wish you wrote more than that because it looks like it is filled with historical information. Nonetheless, I will read about it on the internet. :) Thank you dear Susanne~<3

Stamps of Germany! :)


Greetings from Thailand! :)

Thank you Nay for the pretty postcard of the Damnoen Saduak floating market<3 :D All these boats, the people, the various products.. wow! Apparently, this is considered as the most popular floating markets in Thailand. And you can see that it is filled with so many customers who can choose from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and food that are being sold from these boats.

Cute doodles and stamp~! :)

Monday, December 22, 2014


Greetings from Japan! :)

Okay, Kyoto is definitely going to be one of the destinations of my next Japan trip plans! I HAVE to go back to Japan to see such a place with my own eyes! :D The alley looks so old, yet so pretty! This is the morning view of Sannei Slope at Kiyomizu in Kyoto. There is absolutely so much that I have yet seen in Kyoto and I'd like to travel everywhere. :')

Japanese stamps! :)


Greetings from Japan! :)

Yay! Another card from Japan! :D This time it was sent from Kyoto. Thank you Tan for sending something that I immediately loved~<3 I LOVE old shops and neighborhoods. I believe they got their own charms. :) This is a view of near Kodaiji temple at Higashiyama in Kyoto. How come I've never been there before? I wish I spent more than just a couple of days to explore such a beauty within the neighborhoods of the city.

The lovely stamps! :)


Greetings from China! :)

I'm IN LOVE with this card! I've really developed an interest in such light rails where you could see some of the nature/city along with it. :D It remind me sooo much of Japan<3 I wish you wrote a bit about the place or the trains in your country in general. Nonetheless, I love it and I'm happy to be able to receive another postcard from China! :)

Stamps. :)


Greetings from Indonesia! :)

Oh my god! :D Look at all the colorful umbrellas that are shown in this postcard<3 Thank you Astri for showing me a bit of your country's traditions! I am amazed of how the drawings look so accurate and pretty!! That is a lovely talent~! :D



Greetings from Russia! :)

I've received this one in October. Thank you dear Kristina for this lovely postcard. Just look at all the piles of snow in this postcard! Amazing! :D Apparently, this is called The St. Basil's Cathedral. I love the shape of it! Very amusing to my eyes~<3 I shall read more about it. :)

The lovely stamps! :)


Greetings from the Netherlands! :)

Amsterdam is absolutely one of the top places I'd like to visit one day, especially in spring time! :) I cannot imagine how pretty this place must be during that time. Thank you Denise for showing me a part of your city<3 I like the beautiful buildings, the bicycles, the boats and the canal<3 Having bicycle as a transportation tool is not really comment in my country so I really envy you for that! :)

And of course, a tulip stamp! :)


Greetings from China! :)

A card I received back in September from Yili who bought it during summer holidays~<3 Apparently this place is called Xi Tang, which is an old town in China and has a very different life than the busy city. I think that it is a very beautiful town<3 and especially with the sunset that gives a charming touch. :D

She's even included some lovely stamps. I think they go well with the postcard theme! :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Greetings from Spain! :)

Thank you Laia for sending me a postcard of your town, Blanes! I can only feel happy when I look at this lovely postcard and try to count the boats and see how close everything is! :) The buildings are really close! Thank you again<3 :D


Greetings from Japan! :)

My first postcard from Nagasaki! :D I'm now trying to collect postcards from every part in Japan~! Thank you so much Sayuri for this lovely postcard and useful explanation<3 
Apparently, this statue can be seen in Nagasaki peace park, which is considered as tourists site. It is called 平和祈念像 or the statue of peace. And according to Sayuri, each part of the statue has a meaning, such as eyes, arms, and legs. For example, the eyes are slightly closed in prayers for the souls of the victims who died in the atomic bomb 69 years ago. I'm so happy to learn something about your city today! :D Thank you again dear~!

Lovely stamps~!

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Greetings from Thailand! :)

I've received this beauty back in May<3 I really like this card a lot because I don't see such scenery here. I'm pretty sure now that I have a thing for postcards with old rails and trains! :) Thank you Khaigai for this beautiful scene of your country<3

Stamp. :)


Greetings from Australia! :)

My first card from Australia~ and of course, it's the famous opera house! :) I love how it glows beautifully at night. I hope I'll be able to visit and see this beauty one day.

The cute Tasmanian devil stamp! :)

Friday, December 19, 2014


Greetings from Brazil! :)

I received this lovely postcard back in June~! Thank you Bruno for my first postcard from Brazil! :D Now I wish I can collect more postcards from your country<3 I like how it shows the Copacabana beach and its long sidewalk. I would love to have a walk down that road someday. Rio de Janeiro is really beautiful! :)

The lovely stamp! :)


Greetings from Poland! :)

A postcard of the city Krakow that I've received back in June! I'm not much of a fan when it comes to multi-view postcards, but I guess I can make an exception to this one since it looks to bright and all the pictures goes wonderfully along with each other. Especially the 3 pictures in the middle! :)
Thank you Agata~<3 Your city is really beautiful. According to Agata, this is an old capital of Poland and it's also where the Christian pope John Paul II lived for a long time.

Stamps~ :)


Greetings from China! :)

Traditional view of Beijing in winter! I have never seen real snow with my own eyes before, so I cannot imagine how it feels like to touch and play with all this amount of snow! I would love to witness such a view one day~! Thank you Michele! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hong Kong

Greetings from Hong Kong! :)

I received this postcard back in July from Ching. Thank you dear~<3 I think I started to have an interest in trams, buses, and old trains. I like how this postcard shows an old/normal area of your country with the shops signs and people passing by. :)

Nice birds variety stamps! :)


Greetings from Russia! :)

This card in particular is making me so curious of who lives behind that door! This might sound weird, but I can only wonder what kind of furniture is there, how many people live inside, what are they doing right now, and what kind of life do they live. I think this house's structure is truly stunning, and it's only the first few steps that can be shown here! :) Somehow it reminded me of royals, princesses, and old classic stories.

Russian Stamps! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Greetings from Japan! :)
I have received this stunning postcard from Japan a few days ago˜! I LOVE Nara so much<3 I wish I could go back again. Thank you Hiromi for bringing back my wonderful memories with this lovely postcard. :')
Apparently, this is called "Murouji Temple, Arched Bridge". I have never seen it so I would love to visit it some day! :) I hope we can swap again˜! :D

Cutest stamps I've received this month! :D


Greetings from Spain! :)

A postcard I received from Laia that shows the beautiful Park Güell that can be seen in Barcelona, Catalonia. You can already see how it is full with tourists which can only mean that it is a truly an interesting place to see and visit! :D I hope one day I'll be able to explore these lovely buildings that got my curiosity. :)

Stamp of Spain~! :)

New Zealand

Greetings from New Zealand! :)

Look how amazing the view is! :D Thank you Loong for this studding view of your city and the Waitemata Harbour. Apparently you can also see the Auckland War Memorial Museum in the parkland setting within the Auckland Domain. And here's a funny fact from Loong, that the capital city, Wellington, doesn't have an international airport! Thank you for the info as well dear~<3 :D

Check out the cool stamps I got! Haha :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Greetings from England! :)

Thank you so much for this lovely postcard Cordelia! :D I love how it shows a very old and famous street, The Shambles, with the snow and Christmas decorations. Apparently, this street not only famous for it's age, but is also famous for being in films like Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean! :)

Stamp˜! :)

Friday, December 12, 2014


Greetings from China! :)

This scenery is absolutely gorgeous! :D I love the postcards that shows your country's landscape and such. :) Thank you Krissy for this wonderful and cheerful card˜! The space is HUGE! Really lovely to look at. :)

Thank you for the variety of the stamps as well. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Greetings from Turkey! :)

I have finally received a postcard from this beautiful country! :D This card is amazingly beautiful<3 thank you so much Necla for sending it and showing me how stunning your country is! :) I think if I wanna feel like I'm in a vacation, I could just stare at this postcard and easily imagine that! Haha

Super beautiful stamp! :)