Friday, January 30, 2015


Greetings from Poland! :)

A postcard received from Kornelia in June! :D Thank you for sending me a postcard with a view of your beautiful city. I love how historical it looks and how it has a lovely old charm<3 I bit you can take so many pretty photos in every alley in this city. :)

Stamps. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Greetings from Belarus! :)

A beautiful postcard from Albina in Belarus! :D Thank you dear~ You were right! I love how it shows the city Minsk covered with snow<3 Apparently, this part of the city shows the old and the beautiful buildings in it. Thank you for this info and the lovely scenery<3

Cute stamp. :)


Greetings from The Netherlands! :)

A postcard I received a while ago from Margit. Thank you for always sending me nice postcards from your country<3 I think I'll always be fascinated by the windmills and I would really like to see a real one some day! :D I hope you had a lovely postcrossing meeting with your friends<3

Friday, January 16, 2015


Greetings from Japan! :)

Yay! A new card from Japan to be added to my collection! :D This was sent from the beautiful Shizuoka by Hiroka<3 Thank you dear for the gorgeous postcard and the information. It says, Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan (3776m) and is also one of the most beautiful mountains in her country. I totally agree! :D The reflection is also adding its charm in this postcard<3

International letter-writing week stamp! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Greetings from Slovenia! :)

Another beautiful postcard from the lovely Zala! :D It represents Ljubljana castle that is located in castle hill and is considered as a popular tourists destination. It was almost completely rebuilt in 15th century and nowadays there are many cultural events and festivals and weddings! Thank you for the information dear<3 :D I would love to attend a festival over there one day<3

Amazing stamp that represents the coats of arms of the nobility. :)


Greetings from Slovenia! :)

Wow! :D I've received both cards way faster than what we've accepted! Thank  you dear Zala for sending such pretty postcards<3 I always like to check my mailbox after a long day of work to find postcards waiting for me~ Apparently, Slovenia is a small country located in Europe with a population of 2,000,000. Also, this scenery is from the capital city, Ljubljana. I like how you can have a wide look of all these buildings next to each other! :) Thank you for the information as well dear<3

Stamp represents the children day (dan otroka). :)


Greetings from Malaysia! :)

Amazing landscape from the beautiful Malaysia! :D This is gorgeous! Thank you dear Atikah for this postcard<3 Apparently there is a tea plantation in Cameron Highlands, which is huge, beautiful, and calming. She likes to buy tea bags and send to her penpals. :)

Stamp. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Greetings from China! :)

Another postcard from Michelle in Beijing, China<3 It shows the Forbidden City in Beijing. Apparently, it was the imperial palace and only the empire, his wives, servants, and court were allowed to enter. Thank you Michelle for this postcard~ :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Greetings from Canada! :)

A lovely postcard from Garth who lives in Toronto, Canada. Thank you Garth for the beautiful city view and your Arabic greetings! I love it :D You can see the CN tower, which was apparently the tallest in the world until the completion of Burj Khalifa. Interesting! Thank you for the information. :)

Canadian stamps.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Greetings from Ghana! :)

My first postcard from Ghana! :D  I was so happy when I opened my mailbox to find this lovely postcard waiting for me from Sisu, who is a co-founder of "The Prince & Princess Academy". They have a school project for the children that is still in progress. If you want to check their latest updates or make a donation, you can always click on the link here.
Thank you so much Sisu for swapping with me and I'm also glad to find you through Postcrossing. :D Best wishes to you and your team and the children of the school<3


Greetings from Taiwan! :)

I'm not into multi-view postcards, but I liked this top right photo so I had to share it<3 Thank you Laura! :) I like how you indicated that Kaohsiung can be referred to as the symbolization of the southern part of Taiwan. I might check the internet to read more about your city. Thanks again! :)



Greetings from Indonesia! :)

A lovely postcard I've received all the way from Indonesia! Thank you dear Irina<3! :D It shows the sunset in Bali. Irina says, Bali is the tourist's favorite island. It is the best place for surfing, snorkeling, and sun bathing. It also had lots of beautiful beaches and temples. Interesting! Appreciate the stuff you wrote as I love to read about the card and imagine myself there! :D

Interesting stamps! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Greetings from Japan! :)

Hello, and welcome to my collection! :D I'm now fascinated about collecting postcards, not only from all parts of the world, but also from all prefectures of Japan<3 This is the pretty Yokohama city in Kanagawa Prefecture. Thank you Yuki for this gorgeous scenery. Apparently, this city is the second largest city in Japan by population. It has many attractions. I would love to ride that beautiful Ferris Wheel and look at the city from above<3

Lovely stamps. :)

Friday, January 2, 2015


Greetings from China! :)

Another postcard I've received in May. Thank you Jiang Tao<3 :) Unfortunately, I don't have any information about this, not even the name, except that this house used to be owned by a businessman but now it became a tourist attraction.
If anyone knows anything else about it, like the name, location, what's inside, please let me know! I would love to know and write more about it! :)

Lovely stamps! :)


Greetings from Italy! :)

Yay! My first card from Italy! :D Thank you dear Elena<3 A lovely postcard from the capital, Rome. And it shows the lovely Arch of Constantine and right next to it on the right side is a part of Colosseum! :) I would love to visit your country one day, especially the suburbs and the villages! :D

Stamp! :)