Saturday, January 10, 2015


Greetings from Ghana! :)

My first postcard from Ghana! :D  I was so happy when I opened my mailbox to find this lovely postcard waiting for me from Sisu, who is a co-founder of "The Prince & Princess Academy". They have a school project for the children that is still in progress. If you want to check their latest updates or make a donation, you can always click on the link here.
Thank you so much Sisu for swapping with me and I'm also glad to find you through Postcrossing. :D Best wishes to you and your team and the children of the school<3


  1. Oh, beautiful postcard! :) You are lucky woman! I don't have card from Ghana.

  2. Hurray!
    I am glad my postcard finally got to you.
    Thanks for sharing our school building project story.
    We hope people with loving hearts will support us complete the school this year.
    I hope we will continue to exchange postcards, ideas and culture too.
    Take care.
    Yours Friend
    Sisu :)