Saturday, February 28, 2015


Greetings from Japan! :)

Last month I received this BEAUTIFUL postcard from Tiahei. Thank you very much<3 :D
It is really stunning and a very gorgeous island! Apparently, Amami Island is rich with natural sources. Moreover, the way of saying hello in Amami Island dialect is "ugamin shoran". Interesting! Thank you for teaching me that Tiahei! :D

Cute stamps<3

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Greetings from Hungary! :)

Finally! A beautiful postcard from Hungary after a long wait! :D Thank you dear Menta for selecting this gorgeous scenery of Budapest~<3 I love, love, LOVE it! I don't know why, but I think I have a thing for such views haha. :) It says, this postcard shows the Chain Bridge and on the left corner there is the parliament square of Budapest. Thank you again for the information and for the phrases in your language! :D


Saturday, February 7, 2015


Greetings from Japan! :)

Yay! Another amazing postcard from Hiroka<3 :D Look how amazing Shizuoka is during winter<3 Snow AND a train! I'm absolutely in love with this postcard~ According to Hiroka, this picture is very rare because snow doesn't really fall very much in her hometown, Shizuoka. Thank you dear Hiroka for picking such a stunning view~<3

Cute stamps! :)

Monday, February 2, 2015


Greetings from Morocco! :)

My very first postcard from Morocco! :D Thank you Maryam for this amazing view of Jamaa El Fnaa in Marrakech<3 Might not be very visible, but look at all the crowd in this square! Apparently it is a market place in the old city and is filled with tourists as well. Thank you and I hope we swap again  because I'd love to receive a day view card as well! :)