About Me

Hi there! My name is Khawla. I'm from the UAE and I'm a postcards collector. :)

I've always had an interest in all the lovely postcards I see, either online or in the shops around me, but finally got serious in collecting them in April of 2014.  That is why I have created this very simple blog.. I want to share with everyone my joy of the cards I receive through many of the direct swaps I do.

I'm also trying to collect AT LEAST one postcard from every country in the world! :)
So please don't hesitate to swap with me if you are interested.


  1. Hi! I am collector of postcars from Slovakia and I will arrive to Dubai 16. 9. 2016. If you want we can exchange some postcards, but you must me write quckly, cause from Slovakia I travell also 14.9.2016 in the early morning. Best regards.

  2. Hi Khawla! We want to send you one of the postcards that my partner and I designed and produced! Which one would you like? https://www.monumentalpost.com/ Let us know! (We also were not able to find your address!)