Monday, December 22, 2014


Greetings from Japan! :)

Okay, Kyoto is definitely going to be one of the destinations of my next Japan trip plans! I HAVE to go back to Japan to see such a place with my own eyes! :D The alley looks so old, yet so pretty! This is the morning view of Sannei Slope at Kiyomizu in Kyoto. There is absolutely so much that I have yet seen in Kyoto and I'd like to travel everywhere. :')

Japanese stamps! :)


  1. Khawla, you have amazing card from Japan! I'm looking for cards from this country with old houses and this is good card for me :D and you have very nice stamps too! regards, Kinga

    1. Thank you Kinga! :D I can track down the person who sent this for me and you can see if they got more of this! :D I hope you find what you're looking for dear~<3 Wait for my email~ ^^